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Three major issues to note when using capacitors

As a reactive power compensation protection element, the position of power capacitor is unshakable. Once the power capacitor has problems, the consequences will be unimaginable. Here are a few main issues that should be noted when using power capacitors. I hope it can help the companies that are using power capacitors.1. Penetration Ac Motor Capacitor voltage of capacitors: The voltage on both pole plates of capacitors must not exceed a certain limit.

If it exceeds this limit, the dielectric will be penetrated and the capacitor will be damaged. This limit voltage is called the penetration voltage. 2. Rated voltage of capacitor: The rated voltage of capacitor in normal operation is lower than the breakdown voltage. 3. Pay attention to the polarity of electrolytic capacitor. Pay attention to the above three issues, you can avoid a lot of dangerous things, I hope it is useful for you.


The good and bad of plug-in solid-state capacitors

The liquid particles of the liquid electrolytic capacitor are very active at high temperature, which generates pressure on the inside of the capacitor, and its boiling point is not high, so it may explode. The swelling or activity is lower than that of the liquid electrolyte, and it is almost impossible to have the possibility of bursting. Therefore, the boiling point of the solid electrolyte is also very low. In theory, it is almost impossible for solid capacitors to explode. Compared with traditional electrolytic capacitors, plug-in solid-state capacitors are more superior in terms of equivalent series impedance, and through testing, it is found that the equivalent series resistance is extremely small in high-frequency operation, and its conductivity frequency is particularly good, with The characteristics of reduced resistance and lower thermal output are most pronounced between 100 KHz and 10 MHz. Moreover, traditional electrolytic capacitors are more susceptible to the influence of ambient temperature and humidity, and are ac motor Capacitor slightly less stable at high and low temperatures. The impedance value of solid capacitors (equivalent series resistance) can be reduced to 0.004~0.005 ohms between minus 55-105 degrees, but due to different temperatures, electrolytic capacitors will also change. As for the capacitance value, the liquid capacitor will be lower than its rated capacitance value below 20°C. The capacitance decreases by 13% at -20°C, and increases by 37% at -55°C. For ordinary users, this is nothing, but for those who use liquid nitrogen as an overclock, plug-in solid capacitors can guarantee that the capacitor capacity will not be affected when the temperature drops, resulting in stable overclocking, because the solid capacitors are in the At -55°C, only 5% of the capacitance value is reduced. While plug-in solid-state capacitors do have many advantages, it doesn't always work. The low-frequency response of solid capacitors is lower than that of electrolytic capacitors, and if used in sound effects, the effect is poor. That said, it's not necessarily a good idea to use all-solid capacitors on a motherboard! Whether solid capacitors or electrolytic capacitors, their main function is to filter clutter, so as long as the capacity of the capacitor meets a certain value requirement, as long as the quality of the components is qualified, the stable operation of the motherboard can also be guaranteed. And this, electrolytic capacitors can also do it! At 105°C, the service life of plug-in solid-state capacitors is the same as that of electrolytic capacitors, up to 2000H, and when the temperature drops, their service life will be extended, but usually, plug-in solid-state capacitors have a service life of 70 degrees or lower, Plug-in solid-state capacitors may have a lifespan of 23 years, while electrolytic capacitors are more than 6 times longer! your motherboard still working after 23 years? And these 23 years refer to 24 hours of electricity, even if the capacitor has such a long life, other components may not be able to last 23 years! Under the condition of the same volume and the same voltage, the electrolyte capacity of solid capacitors is significantly higher than that of electric capacitors. At present, the CPU power supply part of the computer motherboard mainly adopts solid capacitors. The capacity is much larger than plug-in solid state capacitors. During use, solid capacitors and electrolysis will cause capacity attenuation problems, and the circuit board using solid capacitors may cause the CPU to fail as long as it fluctuates slightly. Both plug-in solid capacitors and electrolysis will cause capacity attenuation problems during use. However, as long as the circuit board using plug-in solid capacitors fluctuates slightly, the power supply will ripple and cause the CPU to not work properly. Therefore, in theory, the lifespan of plug-in solid-state capacitors is very high, but the lifespan of the board is not necessarily high. Computer board maintenance using plug-in solid-state capacitors: Since the power supply part of the CPU is often connected in parallel with multiple capacitors, and the plug-in solid-state capacitors will not cause deformation, explosion, liquid leakage, etc., it is basically impossible to judge which one is faulty by visual inspection. In maintenance, a capacitor is often removed and replaced with a large-capacity capacitor. This method can generally solve the problem quickly. The plug-in solid-state capacitors have a long life in theory, but many failures have occurred in the actual use process. The editor also encountered capacitor failures many times during the maintenance process. Nowadays, it seems that many motherboards that use overclocking as a selling point will use solid capacitor plugs. Circuit design, BIOS research and development, the quality of the CPU itself, and heat dissipation measures can all determine the success or failure of an overclocking system. Therefore, there is no argument that replacing the ordinary electrolytic capacitors on the motherboard with all-solid capacitors can improve the overclocking performance of the motherboard. If the plug-in solid capacitor has an impact on overclocking, it is because it has a strong ability to withstand voltage and high temperature, so it has a certain guarantee for the stability of the system after overclocking.


Characteristics and precautions of electrolytic capacitors!

There is a lot to be said about capacitors. The previous editor talked about the method of judging the damage of SMD electrolytic capacitors, as well as the performance of new SMD safety capacitors. What kind of impact will its appearance have on the market, I always feel that it is not comprehensive enough. For the study of one thing, one cannot interpret and analyze one-sidedly, otherwise it is easy to have a single opinion. To study it, it is necessary to analyze it thoroughly, from the inside to the outside, so today we will gradually analyze the characteristics and precautions of electrolytic capacitors. First of all, let's start with Capacitor the interpretation of the structure of electrolytic capacitors. The structure of electrolytic capacitors is mainly divided into positive and negative two-pole aluminum foils and conductive solids in the middle, and the rest are electrolytes, that is, four parts of high-conductive molecular solution.

Secondly, regarding its characteristics, that is, low ESR, which means that mechanical miniaturization improves product performance. High-frequency electrical signals are extremely suitable for electrolytic capacitors, and can also take into account the circuit transmission in high-current environments. Also, the startup environment does not require as much ambient temperature, so the cost of startup conditions is lower. And it has a bright spot, that is, the self-healing ability of the dielectric solution, which can ensure that the acidified protective film will not be exhausted, and achieve low loss of circuit current. Compared with solid dielectrics, it is low-cost and high-efficiency.

The above is about the structure of electrolytic capacitors and the characteristics of the product. If you want to use a product well, you need to understand it more fully. Xiaobian will briefly talk about the points that need to be paid attention to when applying electrolytic capacitors: 1. Electrolytic capacitors should not be close to The high-power heating element in the circuit prevents the electrolyte from drying up quickly due to heating. 2. We can use the method of connecting the same polarity in series, and use two electrolytic capacitors to filter the positive and negative signals as a non-polar capacitor. 3. Electrolytic capacitors have positive and negative polarities, so we cannot connect them casually in use. In the power supply circuit, when we need to output a negative voltage, the negative pole is connected to the output terminal, and the positive pole is grounded.

When outputting a positive voltage, it is opposite to outputting a negative voltage. When the negative voltage is output, when the polarity of the filter capacitor in the power supply circuit is reversed, the output voltage of the power supply may fluctuate due to the greatly reduced filtering function. When the reverse voltage exceeds a certain value, the reverse leakage resistance of the capacitor will become very small, so the capacitor can explode and be damaged due to overheating in a short time.


How long is the working life of the chip resistors in the 1206 package?

What is the working life of the resistors in the 1206 package? The service life of electronic components such as chip resistors is actually difficult to determine. It does not have a specific use time. It is inevitable that failures will occur after long-term use. factors to judge. How do we know the working life of a resistor in a 1206 package? The following is a brief introduction. The resistance life of the 1206 package is related to the working environment temperature. Each chip resistor of different specifications has its working temperature range. Exceeding the range ac motor Capacitor will greatly affect the life. Its effect on life is also related to the duration. For example, the temperature of the chip resistance of the Samsung 0805 package is: the average temperature of 1h is 60°C, the average high temperature of 24h is 40°C, and the average annual high temperature is 30°C.

The low temperature viscosity of the impregnating agent in the 1206 package resistor increases, the internal voltage decreases, and the electrical resistance of the resistor decreases. If it is operated below its low allowable temperature, it will cause partial discharge inside the resistor, thereby accelerating the electrical aging of the resistor and reducing the actual service life of the resistor. In addition, if the chip resistor is operated above the high allowable temperature for a long time, the thermal aging of the chip resistor will be accelerated. Therefore, when we use resistors, we should choose chip resistors that are compatible with the actual operating ambient temperature.
 When installing and using 1206 package resistors, pay attention to the ventilation, heat dissipation and radiation of the resistors under the conditions of use, so that the heat generated by the resistors during operation can be dissipated in time, and make every effort to work at high temperatures. When selecting materials, materials that are resistant to high temperature should be selected to reduce the impact on the circuit caused by current changes. When all the elements are guaranteed, the lines of the entire unit are guaranteed, then the service life of our chip resistors can also be guaranteed accordingly.

 Chip resistors in 1206 packages are generally used and have a working life of about 10 years. However, if the ambient temperature is too high, or affected by factors such as chemical corrosion, the life will be shortened, generally shortened by 2-3 years. In severe cases, five or six Years are also available, and they even fail directly. Please note that this is only an estimate, the actual lifespan will be affected by many aspects, so it is for reference only.




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